World Civilizations

Course Code: GHST 100

Academic Year: 2018-2019

Today's interconnected world has its origins in the many and different civilizations that emerged over the preceding millennia. To understand more about the world as we know it, therefore, involves finding out more about how our world began. This course, focusing on significant features of various world civilizations - as well as on important points of comparison and contrast between these civilizations- invites students to note how traces of the past have helped shape the present. In particular, the course maps the origins and evolution of cultures before 1800, establishing how these matters set the foundations for the urban-centered, technological and multicultural modern world. Course activities involving interpretation and critical analysis of the historical record enrich student's ability to understand the significance of historical events. At the same time, by drawing attention to the histories of regions from around the world, the course allows students to learn about unfamiliar peoples, places, and times, thereby broadening their knowledge of differences between cultures while revealing traits and circumstances that unite all peoples.