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Our Students

Our Professional Writing and Communication students come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We're pleased to share some of our students’ profiles.

Kathleen Anderson


I majored in English at McMaster University, and I also spent a summer studying creative writing abroad in England. I was interested in the power of storytelling, but I wasn’t sure how to make that my career. Then I found this program.

Through the classes, I learned how to write compelling narrative non-fiction, which I can use in a variety of professional situations, from composing magazine articles to creating documents for non-profit organizations. I also developed other skills that I can apply to a career in writing, like learning to write for the web, as well as honing my project management and collaboration skills.

Tangibly, the program has given me a portfolio of diverse pieces of writing. I am looking forward to starting my internship, where I’ll have the opportunity to put the practices I’ve learned into effect in a professional environment.


Emilio Barends

I came into the PWC program as an English major from the University of Toronto and with two years of experience in non-profit communications. I joined the program to complement my interests in editing and grammar with practical writing skills, in fields such as storytelling, digital writing and project management.

The expert faculty’s focus on practical work across a variety of genres has allowed me to build a wide-ranging portfolio. The small class size has fostered a supportive community of writers among my group of peers. 

As I head into my internship in the public sector, I hope to develop a rewarding career in government communications by deploying all the skills I have learned in the PWC program. 


Brittni Jacobson


I’ve always loved storytelling, and my interest in writing grew as a natural extension. I received my BA in English Language and Literature from Western University. After graduating, I was lucky enough to spend some time travelling, which reaffirmed the love I have for hearing new stories and the ability of writing to connect us.

The Professional Writing and Communications program has helped me focus my interests and develop practical skills. I would love to work for a non-profit or in publishing, and this experience and the PWC faculty have helped open the doors to those industries. 

Most importantly, this program has helped me build confidence in myself as a writer and overcome the hesitation that was my biggest barrier. I can’t wait to start my internship and to see what comes next!


Kimberly Johnson


Writing is something I accidentally fell in love with. I started my undergrad at the University of Toronto Mississauga and fully intended to complete a degree in Psychology. I discovered my love for writing through an elective course, switched my majors to English and Writing and I haven’t looked back. I love telling stories about people. I’ve mainly written creative non-fiction short stories but I also like long-form narratives, blogs and article writing. 

I joined this program because I wanted to get a better understanding of what it’s like to be a professional writer and work in the communications world. I’ve been able to learn about different types of writing, how to take research and turn it into something compelling and I've gotten an introduction to the way communicators strategize and put a piece together. Professionally, I’d like to work in a communications department where I can put these skills to use and grow as a communications professional.


Matthew McGrath


I am a writer, actor and producer living in Toronto. Prior to coming to Humber, I was frantically applying to various office jobs with little success. After a few months of disappointment, I realized I didn't have any concrete, employable skills. That's what attracted me to the Professional Writing and Communications program at Humber.

After looking over the curriculum on the program site, I became confident that this program would provide me with a solid communications skill set. This year, I've discovered that I love to write articles, profiles and blog posts, and in the coming months, my goal is to find employment with a Toronto cultural organization as a staff writer or a communications coordinator. 


Sarah Nieman


I found myself in the Professional Writing and Communications program at Humber after recognizing that I love writing reports as much as I love writing fiction.  With an MA in Religion and Modernity from Queen’s University and a BA in Religion from Carleton University, I sought to find work that makes a difference at any level. 

The skills I have learned in this program complement and enhance skills I have learned from both my time in the service industry and in stage management for theatre productions. I have improved my skills in writing concisely, persuasively and for a digital audience. The instructors are experienced in their fields, and their support and guidance have opened up opportunities that continue to challenge me and force me to become a better writer.

I know my experiences in the program will prove to be invaluable as I transition into my internship and the larger professional world, and I look forward to seeing where my writing takes me. 


Ardo Omer


I graduated from York University with an honours BA in criminology and a minor in creative writing. While in university, I started a book blog and then started to branch out into writing for other sites. I've enjoyed writing about pop culture - books, comics, television, films, etc. - with a focus on social issues like race and gender.

I didn't see myself as someone who'd write for companies or organizations that were outside the magazine world, but the Professional Writing and Communications program helped broaden my horizons.

My future plans are to continue writing those articles but now I also want to write news releases for organizations that I'm excited about.


Connor Peck


After my undergrad in Liberal Arts and Business, I began searching for ways to combine my interest in writing with my education; Professional Writing and Communications quickly rose to the top of my list. With courses ranging from narrative design to corporate writing and everything in between, taught by teachers who are experts in their fields, the program provides a skill set that is versatile, functional and refined. 

Humber also expanded my world. Not only was I able to network with a host of industry professionals, I got to learn with an exceptionally talented and welcoming group of writers from across Canada and around the world.

Now that our class is moving into its internship, I’m excited to bring the skills I’ve learned at Humber into the workforce, and to begin building my career as a writer.


Leticia Rodrigues’


Writing was always something I liked to do, but I only realized that I wanted to pursue it as a career in my last year in university. Since my country (Brazil) didn’t have many programs in the writing field, I decided to study abroad.

After seeing different programs around the world, I decided to choose Humber’s Professional Writing and Communications Program because of its broad curriculum. My experience has been amazing, coming from an advertising background, the program allowed me to expand my knowledge in digital writing, strategic writing and, especially, storytelling – which is precisely what I want to work with in the future. Furthermore, it opened my mind to different sectors of writing and gave me the core skills to work in whenever area I chose. I don’t have regrets about my decision.

I am very proud of all the work I was able to do and progress I was able to make in the Professional Writing and Communications program, and I am looking forward to the new opportunities that the future holds. 


Tanya Rohrmoser


I graduated from Brock University with an MA in English Literature, and wanted to pursue a graduate program that would prepare me for a career in writing and communication. Humber’s program hit all the right notes: under the tutelage of warm and experienced professors, I honed skills in storytelling, editing, research strategies, and digital communication. I learned how to write for both web and print using the most current technologies, and benefitted from a range of guest speakers who spoke frankly about the industry.

Over this past year I have built my portfolio, made strong contacts, and secured my dream internship, which I look forward to starting this next month. I leave this program confident that I am prepared for the workplace, and grateful for the mentorship I found along the way. I would heartily recommend this program to anyone wishing to forge a path from their university program to the working world.


Samantha Serles


I am passionate about telling stories and shaping narratives – no matter what the medium. Before entering Humber’s professional writing and communications program, I earned an MFA in theatre from York University. I have worked in the arts and non-profit sector, but communication has always been at the heart of what I do.

I enjoy writing in a variety of forms and styles – from stories and articles, to grant applications and reports. This program has helped me identify opportunities and market myself as a writer and editor. I have gained confidence in my skills and a stronger sense of my voice. 



Arielle Townsend


I am a graduate from the University of Toronto. I came to this program hoping to gains skills that would help me transform my love for writing into a career.

Over the course of this program, I have gained those skills and so much more. I have come to recognize the layers of good writing; how storytelling always matters, and how to adapt content to be suitable online. I’ve also learned how to effectively manage a project and communicate strategically. I hope to use what I’ve learned in this program to write for nonprofit organizations and NGOs. 


Puneet Wagh


It was during my three-year bachelor’s program in media and communications that I was drawn to writing as a career. After working in India as a copywriter/social media executive for nearly two years, I felt the need to become a more technique-savvy writer. That’s where the Professional Writing and Communications program came in. 

In just two semesters, I’ve furthered my storytelling, digital writing, editing, research and project management skills. The best part is that, with the internship, I can test these skills out in Toronto’s challenging writing industry. I’m glad that coming to Humber has proved to be the right choice.


Sean White


I received my Bachelors of Music from Humber College and worked for several years as a jazz trumpet player and composer, but after discovering how much I enjoyed writing reviews and blogs about music and film, I decided to return to Humber.

The Professional Writing and Communications program was the perfect opportunity to learn the skills in storytelling and editing that I needed to refine my writing. Also, I found a kind and supportive writing community with my fellow classmates. I’m excited to continue to explore the writing community through my internship and see where it will take me.


Risa de Rege

Risa de RegeI decided to do this program because writing has always been one of my strengths so I figured I might as well build on those skills and hopefully do something productive with them.

I am interested in editing and the overall writing process; I like working with existing content as much as I like creating it.

I also enjoy writing fiction, and I’m interested in exploring non-conventional forms of storytelling. But as with any art form, you have to know the rules before you can play with or break them.

So far in this program I strengthened the writing skills I developed while an undergraduate and have come to understand how good writing is so vital across so many industries. Anything that’s written, from a street sign to a novel, can be done poorly, and I want to be the one who can avoid that.

Sarah Dziedzic

I’m a current student of professional writing and communications at Humber College and I received a BA from Western University in English Language and Literature with a minor in history. Beyond books, my interests include American history, technology, entertainment and pop-culture.

My work history is a bit of a mixed bag – from administration to food and beverage – but throughout every experience I’ve come to realize my strength in communications.

This program accurately combines my interest in writing with my strength in communications. As well, it provides the practical experience necessary to have an edge in an unstable economy and competitive industry. While jobs in writing seem few are far between, everyone in the program, from professors to peers, are nothing but encouraging and supportive.

Sarah Fox

I am a writer/editor interested in human rights, international development and environmental sustainability. I dabble in politics and have a passion for comedy. I have an educational background in journalism and human rights and have experience working as a freelance reporter.

My goal is to get into copywriting, editing and/or internal communications. As an advocate for human rights, international development and environmental sustainability, my ideal job would allow me to contribute my skills to a non-profit organization.

My favourite, most expensive hobbies include traveling and scuba diving. I enjoy engaging in deep conversation and debate about the fate of humanity, for free.  I also like to swim, laugh, and spending time with friends, family and animals.

Humber's Professional Writing and Communications program has encouraged me to put myself out there through social media, steer myself towards an attainable niche and taught me to perfect my craft.

Eileen Magill

I am an aspiring writer from Toronto, Ontario. I graduated from Trent University in 2015 with a BA (Hons.) in English Literature and am now attending Humber’s Professional Writing and Communications program. I hope to one-day write about human rights and social issues for a non-profit organization or publication. In my spare time, I write about the latest TV show I binge watched over the weekend, books I enjoyed, or cultural events I attended. I am an avid reader of The Walrus, Macleans, The Atlantic, and The Globe and Mail. I am also very infatuated with my cat, Leo Tolstoy, who is most likely not infatuated with me.

This past semester in the PWRT program has helped me progress greatly in my writing. I find I can write more creatively. I am familiar with the type of writing and structure of many different types of mediums such as reports, press releases, briefing notes, blogs, articles, and more. Most importantly, this program gave me the tools and the confidence to land an intern position at a PR firm and to get some of my writing published.

Patricia Phelan

I’ve always wanted to work as a writer.  In the Professional Writing and Communications program at Humber I’ve discovered the range of options open to writers.

I’ve learned practical skills in interviewing, storytelling, editing, and research. I’ve grown creatively and the program has challenged me to become more adept at digital writing and strategic planning.

As students, we became a community of writers learning from instructors who are already in the field and from guest speakers who write in various industry sectors. We are all looking forward to internships that Humber arranges for us so we can gain experience and ease into the marketplace.

This one-year program is giving me tools I can carry into the workplace with confidence. I want to contribute to making the world a better place through my writing skills and Humber is giving me this chance.

Natalie Richard

My name is Natalie and I am a multi-disciplinary writer with a background in printmaking and drawing. I received a BFA from McMaster University. My interest in pursuing communications drove me to the Professional Writing and Communications program at Humber College. Through engaging projects, dedicated instructors and the support of my peers I feel that I am not only learning employable skills but earning a positive post-graduate experience. 

The Professional Writing and Communications program has given me a new skill set that I can carry into multiple sectors. I am proud of the portfolio that I have developed during my time at Humber. To learn more about the fundamentals of the writing and editing process alongside communication planning skills is exactly what I had hoped to gain from the program. I look forward to where the abilities I have earned here will take me.

Cristina Williams

Cristina Williams

I’m a writer with over 15 years of experience working in a branding and design studio. My copy has appeared on consumer goods packaging for Canada Bread, Corby, General Mills, Heinz, Humpty Dumpty Snack Foods, Kraft Canada, Maple Leaf Consumer Foods Inc., Mondelez and Tim Hortons.

My education includes an M.A. in English from the University of Toronto and a Specialized Honours B.A. in English from York University. I am now working towards an Ontario Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing and Communications from Humber College. I have already acquired new skills such as interviewing and digital writing, and have strengthened my storytelling, editing and research skills.

In my spare time, I enjoy writing fiction. I have written plays, published short stories and am now working on picture books. I also paint and am passionate about art, creativity, and health and wellness. On completing the Humber program, I hope to expand my reach to explore different areas of writing.