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call for papers


2017 LAS Interdisciplinary Conference


October 13th and 14th, 2017
Humber College - 205 Humber College Blvd., Toronto, ON

“Everything changes; nothing stays still,” Heraclitus tells us. All times face change, but in our time, change seems to come with unprecedented speed. We always need to be asking, WHAT’S NEXT? What are the best ways to negotiate the changes ahead? What will these changes imperil? What opportunities will they create?

As part of our celebration of Humber’s 50 years of change and re-creation, we invite the faculty and staff of all Ontario colleges to submit proposals for conference papers or panels focusing on any aspects of this year’s theme.

Research in any field, offered in any presentation format, is welcome! Email your one-page presentation proposal to us as a .pdf file on or before Monday, May 15th, 2017 at

Additional Topics Might Include:

Healthcare Service and Delivery Models Working with Aging populations
Student mental health
Advancement of STEM in K-12 curriculum
Reducing the systemic divisions between colleges and universities
Increased differentiation and diversification models in education
Mobile learning & mobile teaching
Personalized professional development
Countering teacher burnout
Innovative teaching technologies
The evolution of Augmented/Virtual Reality

Life when everything is "On-Demand"
Possibilities for Automation
Changes to infrastructure
Driverless car transportation
The real estate "bubble"
Robotics in manufacturing
Traditional Reactive Policing vs Modern Community Policing Restorative Justice
Approaches to crime prevention and reduction.
Traditional cuisine vs Molecular Gastronomy.
Classical architecture and building methods vs Contemporary avant-garde architecture

Sustainable building methods.
The future of film-making
New models for sharing stories
Dystopian fictions
Nostalgia for the Future
SF texts/series
Prevention and treatment of diseases
Linking Western medicine and Naturopathic medicine
The end of Capitalism?
The end of Globalism?
The end of Liberalism?
Business and Social Entrepreneurship

Michael Wells

Organizing Committee Member

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Jason Millar