Surveying Society

Course Code: RAPP 5001

Academic Year: 2019-2020

Each day, we are exposed to a multitude of survey research findings in different forms through the media, our education and workplaces. We may even make decisions based on these research findings. In this course, students will learn the best practices of survey research, survey design, administration, and presentation. Students learn about selecting research participants through appropriate sampling techniques. Understanding demographics within a population and how to apply that knowledge to sampling and analysing results will also be covered. Emphasis on the development of research skills through a navigation of Statistics Canada and other databases will be introduced as a means of studying social, economic and demographic trends and their contribution to changes in society and the market. Students will learn how the survey functions in the larger context of program evaluation and how its design and use is changing in market research. Writing clear research questions for validity and asking and organizing those questions to minimize bias and error while increasing response rate will be main foci of the course, culminating in a student-designed and managed survey and survey report.