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From its beginning, Humber has been a pioneer in providing quality general education courses to its students. General education guidelines issued by Ontario's College Standards and Accreditation Council (CSAC) confirm the important role general education plays in all postsecondary programs.

General education is the broad study of subjects and issues that are central to life in the contemporary world. As such, general education courses are non-program specific and designed to deepen students' understanding of their roles as potential workers, family members, consumers, community members, citizens, and life-long learners.

General Education courses are available both in-class and online.

General Education Certificate Programs

Humber's commitment to general education also extends its presence in Continuing Education by offering several Certificate Programs. Each certifcate can be completed entirely online. 

Certificate in the Study of Human Behaviour

Indigenous Knowledge Certificate

Intercultural Relations Certificate

Organizational Behaviour

Professional Ethics Certificate

Social Entrepreneurship Certificate

students in classroom setting


2018 Fall Courses - General Education


Course CodeCourse Name
PHIL 225 Philosophy of Love and Sex
PSYC 110 Group, Teams and Their Dynamics
PSYC 210 Psychology: Developmental (reserved for Part-time RPN program)
SOCI 240 Sociology of the Family
PHIL 217  Ethical Issues
SOCI 150 Sociology: Introduction 
PSYC 150 Psychology: Introduction
GNED 101

An Introduction to Arts and Sciences

POLS 219


2018 Fall Courses - General Education - online


Course CodeCourse Name
CULT 206 Canadian Society and Culture
CULT 206 Canadian Society and Culture (reserved for Funeral Pre-Planner Program)
GEOG 212 Political Geography
HUMA 235 World Religions (5 seats received for FTSSR program)
PHIL 217  Ethical Issues
PHIL 227 Business Ethics
POLS 223 War and Terrorism
PSYC 150 Psychology: Introduction
PSYC 210

Psychology: Developmental

PSYC 224

Psychology: Social

PSYC 230

Psychology: Abnormal

SOCI 207

Sociology Entrepreneurship: Profit, People and the Planet

SOCI 233

Sociology of Cultural Differences