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Are you passionate about the environment and social justice and want to do something about it? You are in the right place.  All students in the Humber General Arts and Science certification and diploma programs, can achieve unique recognition with our Sustainability Specializations.

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A specialization recognizes a learner's achievement of specific knowledge, skills, or competencies gained both in and outside of the classroom. This Specialization in Sustainability requires you to participate in learning and action challenges on a weekly basis, take part in student leadership opportunities on campus, and learn about climate change, social inequality, biodiversity, citizen science, “green” career options, peace, and justice through the lens of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

For this important extra-curricular work, you'll be recognized with a Humber Sustainability Specialization Commendation.


You'll need to dedicate usually about 1 hour per week for this Specialization. In addition to deepening your knowledge of sustainability, you’ll get to work with and learn from lots of campus-based organizations helping to build a better world. For this important extra-curricular work, you'll be recognized with a Humber Sustainability Specialization Commendation to proudly display on your academic and professional resume. Green skills are relevant to any job: stand out in the marketplace with the only Sustainability Specialization of its kind in the GTA!


Email us to learn more about the Sustainability Specializations or to register for the next intake. 


“The Sustainability Specialization has allowed me to put my knowledge into action by providing with me with learning opportunities and local activities to participate in. This immersive program connects me with experts in the field of environmental sustainability and empowers me to contribute.”

– Specialization Student, Patria Tica

“Participating in the Sustainability Specialization has introduced me to different perspectives from people addressing the challenges facing the planet and their efforts to create change and protect the wellbeing of communities and the environment. The experience has been both educational and motivating and something I’ll continue to draw from in my future.”

– Specialization Student, Justine Blaszczyk


Depending on the length of the General Arts and Sciences program you are in, will determine if you can achieve your Level 1 or Level 2 Specialization.

Level 1 is for students who are with us for 2 semesters. Students can also opt into the specialization in their 3rd or 4th semester, but these students will only be able to achieve Level 1.

Sustainability Specialization: Level One Video

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Level 2 is for students who commit to the specialization for 4 semesters. These students are expected to take on leadership roles in the campus community in the last months of the specialization. This could include volunteering as Sustainability Ambassadors with the Office of Sustainability, leading workshops with the Humber Arboretum, undertaking a capstone research project, or guiding groups on tours of Humber state-of-the-art green and clean-tech buildings.

Sustainability Specialization: Level Two Video

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Humber - North Campus Walkway

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Earn a Specialization in Sustainability recognizing the specific knowledge, skills, and competencies you have achieved. You can register for the Specialization from any of the three transfer programs.

Want to earn more than a Specialization? Choose the Sustainability Stream below if a green career is in your future and you need some help getting started.

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