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We are proud to say that we are a part of every student’s experience at Humber, whether you are enrolled in one of our programs directly or through one of the seven other schools at Humber. We offer courses in English, Professional Communications, Math, Literature, Social Sciences, Humanities, Science, and many more discipline areas that are at the core of a polytechnic education. Our faculty are dedicated to providing you with an opportunity to explore curriculum that will enhance your academic, personal and professional life through a combined focus on an applied and liberal education. We are the education that you take with you, no matter where your path may lead you.

Exciting News!

The School of Liberal Arts & Sciences has transformed into the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Innovative Learning. We’ll be launching a new Faculty website this Fall.

Do you need to upgrade your skills in English, math, computer or sciences?

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Do you need a pathway to future studies at College or University?

Do you need to take English courses (WRIT, ESOL, or a AWCR)?

Are you an international student wanting an English language program?

Do you need to take a Diploma GEN ED or a Degree Breadth Elective?

Do you need to take a Math or need support in math?