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Indigenous Knowledge

Certificate of Achievement | 98611

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Program Overview

Humber's Indigenous Knowledge certificate is a unique program that provides you with an opportunity to develop a foundational knowledge base for awareness and understanding of Aboriginal people and culture as it is known and understood from an Indigenous perspective. Offered in conjunction with Humber's Aboriginal Student Services, the program provides you with the cultural competency necessary to establish and maintain meaningful relationships when working with Aboriginal people or in Aboriginal communities.

For Aboriginal students, Indigenous cultural competency will prepare you to work in Indigenous communities, organizations, and programs. Cultural competency for Aboriginal students means the development of a significant cultural knowledge base complemented by the enhancement of the ability to translate Indigenous knowledge into meaningful and effective applications in the contemporary Indigenous environment.

Cultural competency for professionals working with, or preparing to work with, Aboriginal people, communities, organizations, and programs in the contemporary Aboriginal environments means the development of a significant cultural/historical knowledge base for the building of cultural awareness and sensitivity for effectively working with Indigenous people in the contemporary environment.

In all cases, the Indigenous Knowledge Certificate program provides you with the Indigenous knowledge base necessary to develop successful and effective responses to the needs of Aboriginal Peoples and communities in the contemporary Indigenous world.

Additional Information

When you begin this certificate program, please contact with your name, student number and the name of the certificate you are working towards. This will allow us to follow your progress during your studies and provide you with any information you may need to know.

When you have completed the required courses in the certificate program, you need to apply to graduate. Please contact the Registration Office at with your name, student number and program name in order to receive your certificate.

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