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Intercultural Relations

Certificate of Achievement | 97211 | Online

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Program Overview

Humber's Intercultural Relations certificate program enhances your ability to work effectively both with co-workers and clients, enabling you to become more productive in the workplace. Students will gain a greater understanding of the complex issues arising from the interaction of different cultural and ethnic groups within contemporary Canada. In doing so, you will acquire greater confidence when confronting the practical aspects of these issues in the marketplace, in the community and in the political arena. You will also deepen your self-understanding as you come to recognize how every individual is a composite of different cultural influences. Your ability to make informed decisions about how to get along with others is thereby enhanced.

Much is often made of the diverse and tolerant society that exists in contemporary Canada. But does Canada really live up to this ideal? And if it does not, should it? What are the alternatives?

Our online certificate program is designed to guide you through a substantial inquiry into these questions. Essential to such investigation are awareness, understanding, and analysis of diversity and tolerance in contemporary Canadian society. To this end, you will study the reality of diversity in Canada today - what it means, who it includes and where it is to be found.

The certificate requires the successful completion of six courses: four compulsory and two electives.

Additional Information

Once you have completed the required courses in the certificate program, you need to apply to graduate. Please contact the Registration Office at with your name, student number, and program name in order to receive your certificate.

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