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Social Entrepreneurship

Certificate of Achievement | 11191 | Online

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Program Overview

What is social entrepreneurship and how does it differ from traditional entrepreneurship? Is there a difference between social entrepreneurship and charity? What role does the social entrepreneur play, and how does one quantify the impact of social innovation? Can you make a profit and make an impact?

Social entrepreneurs are motivated by social change – they see the world as it can be rather than as it is. The field of social entrepreneurship is growing in popularity and is attracting increasing amounts of money and talent. In this online certificate program, you will learn how social entrepreneurs have developed innovative and profitable solutions to social problems. The aim of the online program is to expose students to the concepts of social entrepreneurship and social enterprise and how these are transforming communities and society at large. In this context, you will learn how to quantify the social impact of investors and beneficiaries to help ensure resources are effectively utilized. In doing so, you learn about the various models of social entrepreneurship and associated organizations that currently exist. You will learn how to build a venture plan for a social enterprise and how to apply basic business knowledge and practice to advance social good.

Additional Information

When you have completed the required courses in the certificate program, you need to apply to graduate. Please contact the Registrar's Office at with your name, student number, and program name in order to receive your certificate.

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