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Study in Human Behaviour

Certificate of Achievement | 97111 | Online

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Program Overview

Understanding human behaviour is difficult but vital. Our society is changing rapidly, growing more multicultural, expanding in population, and becoming more anxious about individual and Canadian identity. New challenges face us in our roles as employees and employers, as family members and citizens. There is a rising demand for individuals, from the shop floor to the office of the chief executive officer, who have people skills requiring more than simple assumptions about human nature.

The online Study of Human Behaviour certificate program helps meet these complex needs. Upon completion of the online program, you will have developed a systematic understanding of human behaviour as studied through the perspectives of sociology, psychology and related social science disciplines.

You will be required to take five compulsory courses plus two elective courses.

Additional Information

When you have completed the required courses in the certificate program, you need to apply to graduate. Please contact the Registrar's Office at with your name, student number, and program name in order to receive your certificate.

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