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Everyday English as a Second Language

Certificate of Completion | 94711

Our Program

The online Everyday English as a Second Language (ESL) certificate* incorporates exceptionally rich multimedia lessons and provides you with an interactive learning experience that simulates a wide variety of everyday communication situations. Our courses place a strong focus on comprehension, written and spoken expression, English vocabulary, and accurate English grammar, while incorporating interesting aspects from English culture.

We have enhanced our online language courses in a number of ways which go beyond traditional online learning environments. Our virtual classroom allows students to drop in and speak face-to-face with their instructor or classmates, providing them with individualized attention and support. Our online courses further build a strong community of learners through online discussion forums in English. The courses also provide students with a vast array of additional resources beyond the required course material.

Students looking to earn the Everyday English as a Second Language Certificate can begin their studies at their appropriate level rather than having to start at level one. However, students must complete at least levels five and six to receive the certificate.

Intensive Program

Students can now choose to complete English 1&2, 3&4 or 5&6 in the same semester. This stream will allow students to complete the Everyday English as a Second Language certificate in one year rather than two if starting from Level 1.

*Offered in conjunction with Rosetta Stone®/Tell Me More

Additional Information

Click here for an introduction video of our online languages.

Professional English as a Second Language Certificate

Students who have graduated from our Everyday English as a Second Language Certificate and wish to continue their ESL studies can register into our online Professional English as a Second Language Certificate. Students should enter the professional stream at a higher level, as focus on professional communication and specialized business vocabulary begin at level four. Students must complete at least levels five and six to receive the Professional English as a Second Language Certificate.

Online Program Highlights Include:

  • Lessons provided in partnership with Rosetta Stone®/Tell Me More, including pronunciation practice software

  • Individualized language support from your professor

  • Access to a variety of supplementary web-based language learning resources

  • Online quizzes to test your knowledge and allow your professor to evaluate your progress

  • Discussion boards to practise writing with your instructor and classmates

  • Virtual office hours with your professor, hosted in our virtual classroom

  • Conversation clubs for language practice with your classmates, hosted in our virtual classroom

  • Final written and oral exams online


The lessons are an excellent learning tool, because they use sight, writing, speaking, exercises and games, so every sense is challenged and you don't get bored. I enhanced different parts of my language skills, such as grammar, speech, reading and listening. In the virtual classroom, learners can talk to the teacher/instructor and to each other. The instructor is very personal and adjusts to your skill level. The virtual classroom allows learners to attend sessions from anywhere in the world. Overall, I enjoy learning with this program and would definitely recommend it!

-- Marion

The online languages course is convenient, flexible and easy to access at my own pace. The lessons are great for learning a second language. I can complete lessons during my lunch time, before I go to bed or on the weekends. If I have any questions, I send messages to the instructor, who responds quickly. The virtual classroom is helpful for practising conversation, so I use it every chance I get.

--Joanne H.

Note: Courses in the English as a Second Language certificates do not qualify for General Education credit.

Silva Sola
416-675-6622 Ext. 74086