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Humber Dual Credit Program

Taking a dual credit course at Humber means you have the opportunity to earn both a college course credit and a credit towards your secondary school diploma- a great way to learn more about Humber’s programs and college life. The objective is to increase educational opportunities for students.

Courses Offered

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"How do I put the best school experience into words? This has been more than a credit but a lifelong lesson. A great teacher has made me rethink college in a whole different perspective. The benefits are too many to say, this has been an amazing experience."


"When I started this class it was a bit frightening because I was not sure about going to college. This class has given me a credit and a whole new look on how college is and the experiences here were fun and manageable. I thought it was a great program and any high school student would be lucky to have this experience to learn from."


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