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Mathematics, Research Skills and Analysis

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Professor VanHoy's computer generated interactive math applets help students learn mathematical concepts visually. These applets are small simulations that apply to a single phenomenon that allow individuals to adjust controls and see the direct impact of adjustments in graphical representations. For example the simple math applet at will allow users to make direct modifications to variables in a sine or cosine function by using scroll bars, inputting different values, or changing html radio buttons. Changes can be seen instantly. Funding for this project was generously provided by the Humber College Centre for Teaching and Learning through the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Program (2015-2016). Professor VanHoy was the recipient of the innovation of the year award in 2017. 

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Research Analyst

Our program focuses on the theoretical, practical and technical underpinnings of research, while equipping students with the professional skills necessary to do research throughout the public and private sectors.


Why Mathematics?

Student success in many program areas at the college and subsequently in the work force is dependent upon the ability to apply a range of mathematical skills to problem solving. As part of their program requirements at Humber, many students must successfully complete a number of mathematics courses. Students in programs such as business, accounting, computers, electronics, mechanical engineering, etc. need to acquire advanced mathematics skills in order to meet the demands of their program and ultimately the world of work. As a result, the Mathematics Department at Humber offers a wide variety of courses ranging from numeracy to applied calculus, statistics and quantitative methods.

Mathematics courses are grouped into three categories: general mathematics, business mathematics, and technical mathematics. Each group of courses has been tailored to meet the needs of students in their chosen vocational programs. Courses in all three areas are structured to provide sequential skill development to help students develop and strengthen their abilities in mathematics.


Mathematics Department

Mathematics Requirements

Math HeadStart Program

Humber Math Camp for Girls

Where can I find math tutoring?

The Math Centre offers FREE math help to all Humber and Guelph-Humber full-time and part-time students. While the campus remains closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all tutoring services will be available online during the Math Centre regular hours of operation. Students can book online tutoring appointments using the online booking system or use the new online drop-in service without appointment. All you need is your calculator, textbook and notes to help ask your questions.

Visit the Math Centre website to access online tutoring services and math learning resources.

The Math Centre is located at North Campus and Lakeshore Campus*:

North Campus
LRC building, 3rd Floor
416.675.6622 ext. 76260

Lakeshore Campus
F Cottage, Room F201
416.675.6622 ext. 73663

*Please note the Math Centre will be closed until further notice due to COVID-19. Online tutoring will be available while the campus is closed. Click here for Humber service updates.

What math topics can I get help with in the Math Centre?

The Math Centre can offer help with all math courses at Humber and will also try to help with the math component of other courses. Visit the Math Centre website for more information.

Accounting students should also visit the Accounting Centre website.

How can I apply to be a math tutor?

You must be a full-time Humber student in at least second semester with 80% or better in the math course(s) you want to tutor and maintain an overall average of at least 75%. You can also apply to be a math tutor in the Math Centre. 

Visit the Peer Assisted Learning Support (PALS) website to learn the requirements and how to apply.

How can I apply for a math transfer credit?

If you have completed math or statistics courses at the college or university level you may be eligible for transfer credits. Transfer credits are determined by the number of hours in the course you have completed (at least 42) and how well the learning outcomes of the course that you have taken match the learning outcomes of our math courses (which include four categories: general mathematics, business mathematics, technical mathematics, and statistics). Visit Transfer Options to learn more about math transfer credits and the transfer credit application process.

How can I apply for Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR)?

PLAR is a formal process that allows individuals to identify, document, have assessed and gain recognition for prior learning. To qualify under this option, students are required to show evidence of learning acquired through work, informal study, or other life experiences which have enabled them to master essential mathematical skills. The evidence must be presented in a portfolio that includes a cover letter highlighting appropriate experience. In some cases, PLAR applicants may be asked to write a challenge test in addition to submitting a portfolio.

Visit the Transfer Options website to learn about the PLAR application process including step-by-step instructions, the application form, fees and frequently asked questions.

Note: Students should continue attending classes while waiting on PLAR results and check their student record to find out if the credit was granted. If the credit was granted, the student will be responsible for dropping the course from their timetable. Please refer to the Humber Academic Calendar for important course enrolment and withdrawal deadlines.

How do I know which math courses are required in my program of study?

Your program curriculum will list which math courses you are required to take. Visit your program department for guidance on your program curriculum.

I have switched business programs/technology programs. Can I transfer over any of my math credits?

If you have already completed a business or technical math course while you were in another program at Humber, consult with the Math Coordinator to determine if you can qualify for a math exemption. Conditions apply.

Colleen Ball
Program Coordinator, Mathematics
North Campus, LRC 5083
Tel.: 416 675 6622 ext. 74223

Kate Zhang
Program Coordinator, Mathematics
Lakeshore Campus, A114
Tel.: 416.675.6622 ext. 73429

Can I take two of the required math courses in my program at the same time?

Students are not permitted to take two math courses at the same time as the prerequisite course must be completed first.

Who can I speak to about my math courses?

Questions related to mathematics courses can be sent to:

Colleen Ball
Program Coordinator, Mathematics
North Campus, LRC 5083
Tel.: 416 675 6622 ext. 74223

Kate Zhang
Program Coordinator, Mathematics
Lakeshore Campus, A114
Tel No.: 416.675.6622 ext. 73429