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Math HeadStart Program

Practice Placement Test/Skills Quiz

All students who are required to take a mathematics course in their first semester, must complete a mathematics placement test to determine their level of proficiency in mathematics. You can help prepare for that placement test by completing a Practice Placement/Skills Quiz. The practice quiz contains a variety of questions that will allow you test the skills you will need to be successful in your mathematics courses at Humber. Go here for more information on the Math placement test.

Humber also offers you the opportunity to continue to build your math skills through an online Head Start program that contains a variety of learning materials, examples and exercises to help you practice mathematics, as well as an additional skills quiz for you to easily identify where you need focus some attention and the modules that can help you to increase your level of proficiency in mathematics. Each module contains explanations, examples, videos, and practice questions on each of the main concepts from the practice quiz. The Math HeadStart program is available to you through the Humber Blackboard system, which you can access online, so it is simple and easy for you to practice math when and where you want.

Accessing the Math Centre Blackboard Site

  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. Click on Math Centre (HeadStart_Math: Learning Support) in the My Courses list.
  3. Begin looking through the modules and working on the practice questions.

if you do not have access to our Blackboard site, please email your name and user name to:, or you can also access our HeadStart program by downloading a copy of the Math HeadStart Workbook.