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Math HeadStart Program

The Mathematics Department at Humber College has created resources for students to enhance their math skills using our online program called Math HeadStart. This resource contains a variety of learning materials, examples and exercises to help you practice mathematics. We have also created quizzes for you to test your knowledge and identify areas you may need more attention and focus on. We hope that you take advantage of these learning modules.

Math HeadStart provides you access to notes, videos, practice questions and quizzes on a variety of topics such as Numerical Computations, Fractions, Decimals, Percent, Algebra, Geometry and Graphing. If you are enrolling in a business program, we recommend the Humber Math HeadStart for Business Mathematics. If you are enrolling in a technology program, we recommend the Humber Math HeadStart for Technical Mathematics.

Humber Math HeadStart is available to you through the MyOpenMath platform, which you can access online for free, so it is simple and easy for you to practice math when you want.

Accessing Humber Math HeadStart

To access Math HeadStart you will need a MyOpenMath student account which you can sign up for free. Please follow these instructions to start using this resource.

You can also access some of the Math HeadStart learning materials by downloading a copy of the Math HeadStart Workbook.

If you have questions or would like assistance with any of the steps, please email