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The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences Continuous Professional Learning

The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Department of Continuous Professional Learning is dedicated to providing our learners with a high-quality education and the flexibility to learn on their own time and on their own terms. Our certificate programs, courses, workshops, and training offer learners the opportunity to explore disciplines and fields of study that align with personal interest, while also developing their communication, critical thinking, interpersonal and professional skills. Our focus is to provide learners with flexibility and hence most of our programs are offered in the evenings and online (synchronously and asynchronously).

Placement & Language Tests

Find out more information about the Placement Test process and study guide.


Have any questions or concerns? View our FAQ's or reach out to us.

Humber offers both credit and non-credit English courses. Students who have never taken an English credit course at Humber are required to take the English Placement Test, a writing assessment, so that they can be placed in the appropriate course. On the basis of the test results, some students may be required to complete a remedial/developmental writing course before being permitted to enrol in their required writing course(s). It is a departmental policy that no one be permitted to retake the English Placement Test.

You can register into the Communications or ESL course you are interested in and then present yourself at one of the English Placement Testing sessions listed on our site. Once you have written the placement test, we will transfer you into the appropriate class if you have not registered yourself into the appropriate level.

Tests dates are scheduled at the beginning of each semester and you will not have to pay if you take the test on one of the dates listed. An appointment is not required. Click here to view test dates. A late fee of $50 is required of anyone who misses these dates.

Students contemplating online courses should recognize that successful completion requires self-motivation, self-discipline, strong commitment, time management skills, good reading comprehension, and a solid command of the English language.

To help you have a positive online learning experience, you will have access to a number of support areas if you have questions about:

  • Course Content: Your instructor or your classmates within your course site.
  • Accessing/Using the Learning System: The Open Learning Centre  ( Visit them in person or online for demos, on-line learning orientation, tutorials and support.
  • Technical Assistance: The Open Learning Centre or Humber’s IT Customer Care Department (

For most courses, a student must be 19 years of age or have a Grade 12 diploma. For many of the general interest courses offered, the above qualification does not apply.  

There are some courses that will require pre-requisite courses to be completed before registering into the required course, such as with some math and communications/ESL courses. Be sure to check the course description for any pre-requisite requirements.

If you are applying into a certificate program, read the program description for any specific admission requirements.

You can transfer your continuous professional learning credits granted you have achieved a passing grade (minimum of 60 per cent) and the course qualifies as an equivalent or required course in your program. For more information, click here.

Yes. A full-time student can register for Continuous Professional Learning courses.

If you are at 100% full-time course load and you decide to add an extra course, you will need to pay for the additional course. To find out if you are already at a 100% course load, see your program curriculum. If your current total credit hours equal the total credit hours set out in your curriculum for the semester, you have reached a 100% full time course load. Additional fees apply. If you are not at a 100% course load, then you may not have to pay additionally for a Continuous Professional Learning course. To get a copy of your curriculum, visit your program department.

Online courses will be listed in our calendar, with the symbol for “Web”. For a list of online courses, click here. In-class courses will provide additional scheduling information that includes the campus location, day of the week, time of day and the start and end dates for the course.

Register online. Visit Humber's Continuous Professional Learning website.

You can also watch the Online Registration - How to (video) for a quick overview of the registration process.

If you are experiencing problems with your online registration, you may contact the Registrar’s Office at 416.675.5005.

Waitlists are not available for courses that are full. Students can register up to the second regularly scheduled class and can continue to check until that time to find out if space has become available. To inquire about available enrolment, contact the Customer Service and Registration Centre at 416.675.5005.

If a percentage grade is applied to your continuous professional learning course, it will be included in the GPA calculation.

You must contact the registration office to request your certificate once you have successfully completed all of the required courses in your program. You can do this by completing the online Apply to Graduate form.

By email:

By phone: 416.675.6622 ext. 75469 or 75390

In person: Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences - 5th Floor LRC Building