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Spanish Language

Certificate of Completion | 94511

Our Program

Spanish is becoming more and more the second language of choice for people around the world. In order to better meet the growing demand and give students an opportunity to work towards proficiency in Spanish, Humber offers three six-course certificate programs: Spanish Language certificate (in-class), Everyday Spanish Language certificate (online) and Professional Spanish Language certificate (online).

Students registered in Humber’s Spanish Language certificate program have the option of moving between the in-class and online classes to complete their Spanish studies at Humber. The Everyday Spanish Language certificate program offers six levels completely online. This provides you with the flexibility to complete a Spanish Language certificate either in class, online or using a combination of both. The choice is yours!

If you are looking to earn one of the Spanish language certificates, you can begin your studies at your appropriate level rather than having to start at the beginner level. However, you must complete at least levels 5 and 6 to receive any of the Spanish language certificates.

Additional Information

Spanish Language Placement Test
This placement test is designed to help you informally assess your Spanish language proficiency to gain a better idea of which course to begin your Spanish studies at Humber. If you have no previous Spanish language experience, you are welcome to take the test, but should register into Spanish 1. The placement test focuses on knowledge of basic grammatical structures; it does not evaluate oral and written skills. The placement test contains 50 multiple choice questions. It is recommended that you do the test without the use of any study aids to obtain a more accurate result. Take the Spanish placement test now.

Professional Spanish Language Certificate
If you have graduated from either our Spanish Language or Everyday Spanish Language Certificate program and wish to continue your Spanish studies, you can register into our online Professional Spanish Language Certificate. You should enter the professional stream at a higher level, as focus on professional communication and specialized business vocabulary begin at level 4. You must complete at least levels 5 and 6 to receive the Professional Spanish Language Certificate.

Intensive Spanish Language Program

Students can now choose to complete Spanish 1 & 2 in the same semester. Classes will meet for six hours per week for 15 weeks (two nights per week).

Courses in the Spanish language certificates do not qualify for General Education credit.

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