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Vera Beletzan

Vera Beletzan, Senior Dean, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

We are proud to say that we are a part of every student’s experience at Humber, whether you are enrolled in one of our LAS programs (offered through our General Arts and Science Department, English Language Centre,  Academic Upgrading or the Research Analyst Post-Graduate Program) or you are enrolled in another of Humber’s innovative and in-demand certificate, diploma or degree programs. The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers courses in English, Professional Communications, Math, Literature, Social Sciences, Humanities, Science, and many more discipline areas.

The possibilities are limitless because the faculty in LAS are dedicated to providing you with an opportunity to explore curriculum that will enhance your academic, personal and professional life. We firmly believe that everyone can reach their personal and professional goals with the knowledge, skills and experience that are at the core of a post secondary education that develops learners through a combined focus on an applied and liberal education. Employers demand it and our students deserve it.

LAS Conference

“Everything changes; nothing stays still,” Heraclitus tells us. All times face change, but in our time, change seems to come with unprecedented speed. We always need to be asking, WHAT’S NEXT? What are the best ways to negotiate the changes ahead? What will these changes imperil? What opportunities will they create?

As part of our celebration of Humber’s 50 years of change and re-creation, we invite the faculty and staff of all Ontario colleges to submit proposals for conference papers or panels focusing on any aspects of this year’s theme.

Please join us in exploring WHAT’S NEXT!

President's Lecture Series

The President's Lecture Series (PLS) is a faculty initiative of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences that is sponsored by the Office of the President. The lecture series is planned, organized, and administered by a committee of faculty volunteers who are guided by the PLS Mission Statement.

making of a movement image

Humber Liberal Arts @ IFOA Conference

The (re)Making of a Movement: New Perspectives on the 1960s Counterculture is the fifth annual interdisciplinary conference presented by Humber College’s School of Liberal Arts and Sciences of Toronto, Canada in association with the Toronto International Festival of Authors.