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General Arts and Science

In the General Arts and Science programs you will begin your postsecondary education by taking courses that prepare you for other programs at college or for degree studies at Humber or at university. If you are unsure about your career, we can help you to learn about different opportunities so that you can make the right choice. As a student in General Arts and Science, you will have an academic advisor who will be your guide to making good choices for your future. Whether you choose the four semester or the two semester program, you will be better equipped to succeed.

Students who transfer to diploma programs at Humber receive significant transfer credit. Students applying to programs at other colleges or to degree studies at Humber or a university may receive transfer credit. Please see the Transfer Credit Guide for details or speak with your program coordinator.

College and University Transfer Programs

Take the First Step

In your first semester, you will begin to build the strong academic base you need to be successful in your later studies. We offer

  • small classes
  • individual attention and support for every student
  • academic advising for every student
  • maximum options for second semester and beyond

Please follow the links above for College Transfer and University Transfer to explore your choices.

You will also learn how to enhance these programs with our unique Sustainability Specialization.

Sustainability Stream (Transfer to College or University)

If you are passionate about the environment and social justice, and if you are committed to building a better world for all living things, choose the Sustainability Stream as the first step in your journey toward a green career.

In this active foundational program, you’ll gain key competencies in Sustainability while growing your awareness of the future green career that’s right for you. You’ll also enhance your leadership and academic skills with small class sizes and expert professors. You’ll also get to enjoy active, outdoor learning experiences, field trips, community partnerships, and cutting-edge simulations. The Sustainability Stream can be pursued in all GAS College, Degree and University Transfer programs. Explore which one feels right for you. Plus, you can start in any of the three programs that have a common first semester and choose your pathway with individualized career and academic advising while you earn transfer credits to you future programs.

Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees Program


Students who complete a certificate in Health and Science are eligible to apply for the UNB/Humber Bachelor of Nursing, the Humber RPN, Pharmacy Technician and Paramedic programs, as well as health sciences programs at other colleges. Your academic advisor will help you to identify the right opportunities for further study in the health sciences field.

Transfer Opportunities

Students who successfully complete all 12 courses in the G.A.S. Pre-Health Sciences Program may be eligible for transfer credits. Possible transfer credits include:

Humber diplomas: WRIT courses, GNED courses

UNB/Humber BN: students with grades of 75% and above will receive transfer credits for AWCR and one GNED course

Please see the Transfer Credit Guide for details or speak with your program coordinator.

Technology Program

What You Will Receive

In addition to getting the educational background you need for a technology related program, you will be in small classes and labs where you receive individual attention and support.

You will have an academic advisor who will help you in the transition to postsecondary studies, assist you in making academic decisions, introduce you to the many student services available at the college, and guide you through the application process for your target program.

On completion of the program, you will receive the G.A.S. Technology Certificate.

Transfer Opportunities

Students who successfully complete all courses may qualify for acceptance into a number of engineering programs at Humber: Architectural Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, Computer and Network Support Technician, Electrical Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, Electromechanical Engineering Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology and Sustainable Energy and Building Technology. You may also be eligible to receive transfer credits. For detailed information, visit Transfer Credit Guide.