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The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences is pleased to offer a wide variety of certificates both in-class and online through our Continuing Education Department. Start with a single course and then explore the possibility of using those credits towards a Humber Certificate in one of the following areas:

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Business Communications

Acquire the professional communication skills you need to succeed in Business and Industry.

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Enjoy flexible learning opportunites as you move towards proficiency in the French language.

Classes are offered in-class, online and in hybrid format.  Students can also study intensively by completing two courses in one semester.

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French Translation in the Workplace

Gain knowledge of English to French translation necessary in becoming a professional translator and increase your competence and confidence in working with both languages.

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Indigenous Knowledge

This program provides you with the cultural competency necessary to establish and maintain meaningful relationships when working with Aboriginal people or in Aboriginal communities.

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Intercultural Relations

Graduates of the Intercultural Relations Certificate program gain a greater understanding of the complex issues arising from the interaction of different cultural and ethnic groups within contemporary Canada.

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Language Interpreter Training

Learn to become a Community Interpreter in the legal, health-care and social service areas, with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver effective interpreter services.

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Medical Office Manager

Move into front line management roles in doctors' offices and/or clinics.

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Military Arts and Science

Humber College, through the OntarioLearn consortium, is pleased to offer this program in partnership with the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Military College.

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Organizational Behaviour

Learn how effective organizations operate and understand yourself and others to help you identify and nurture your own leadership potential, and to build the skills to work with groups and lead others.

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This certificate gives you the opportunity to achieve proficiency in Brazilian and European Portuguese.

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Professional Ethics

Gain a broader perspective of ethical problems and the ability to apply appropriate methodologies to finding practical solutions in education, business, media, government, law, politics and social life.

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Research Skills and Analysis

This certificate provides foundational knowledge and skills in research methods and analysis equipping graduates to take on rewarding careers in both the private and public sectors.

Social Entrepreneurship

Graduates of this certficate program learn how to build a venture plan for a social enterprise, and how to apply basic business knowledge and practice to advance social good.

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In order to give you the opportunity to achieve proficiency in Spanish, Humber offers both in-class and online classes and the flexibility to move between both to complete your language studies.

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Study of Human Behaviour

Develop a systematic understanding of human behaviour as studied through the perspectives of sociology, psychology and related social science disciplines.

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TESOL - Part-time Program


The certificate program consists of both in-class and online courses with practice teaching in Humber ESL classes.