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Course Name Course Code
ACE - Core Mathematics - Online   ACEM 019
ACE Biology   ACEO S20
ACE Business Mathematics   ACEO M20
ACE Chemistry   ACEO S10
ACE University Biology Preparation   ACEO 021
ACE University Chemistry Preparation   ACEO 011
Advanced Statistics for Data Science   DATA 001
Agile Project Management   TWRT 204
An Introduction to Arts and Sciences   GNED 101
Art Matters: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Art   HUMA 137
ASL: Communicating with the Deaf in Emergency Situations   ASL 010
Astrobiology: Life in the Universe   SCIE 223
Astronomy: The Evolving Universe   SCIE 213
Big Data Tools   DATA 003
Big History: A Biography of the Universe   SCIE 222
Business Ethics   PHIL 227
Calculus   CALC 020
Canada Today   SOCI 257
Canadian Society and Culture   SOCE 006
Citizenship, Immigration and Democracy   SOCI 239
College Reading and Writing Skills   WRIT 100
Communicating with the Deaf: Working with Young Children   ASL 020
Consecutive Interpreting   LITC 102
Conspiracy Theories and Critical Thinking   CULT 211
Content and Language Integrated Learning   CLIL 021
Crossing Borders: Migration and Culture   CULT 243
Cultural Anthropology   ANTH 205
Culture, Technology and Identity   CULT 242
Dangerous Earth   SCIE 219
Dark Days Ahead   ENGL 239
Dealing with Difficult People   COM 132
Death and the Afterlife: Global Perspectives   HUMA 255
Digital Culture   CULT 239
Discovering Dinosaurs   SCIE 224
Effective Business Writing   COM 101
Encounter, Change, Resistance and Renewal   IKN 201
Environmental Citizenship   SOCI 227
Environmental Ethics   PHIL 230
Environmental Policy and Economics   POLS 225
ESL Project-based Learning   ENG 021
Ethical Issues   PHIL 217
Ethics and the Professional Role   COM 036
Everyday English as a Second Language 1   ENG 191
Everyday English as a Second Language 2   ENG 192
Everyday English as a Second Language 3   ENG 193
Everyday English as a Second Language 4   ENG 194
Everyday English as a Second Language 5   ENG 195
Everyday English as a Second Language 6   ENG 196
Everyday French 1   FREN 191
Everyday French 2   FREN 192
Everyday French 3   FREN 193
Everyday French 4   FREN 194
Everyday French 5   FREN 195
Everyday French 6   FREN 196
Everyday Spanish 1   SPAN 191
Everyday Spanish 2   SPAN 192
Everyday Spanish 3   SPAN 193
Everyday Spanish 4   SPAN 194
Everyday Spanish 5   SPAN 195
Everyday Spanish 6   SPAN 196
French Workplace Translation 1   FREN 301
French Workplace Translation 2   FREN 302
French Workplace Translation 3   FREN 303
French Workplace Translation 4   FREN 304
French Workplace Translation 5   FREN 305
Gender, Power and Society   SOCI 232
Globalization   POLS 219
God, Science and Religion   HUMA 250
Grammar and Style for Professional and Workplace Writing   COM 129
Great Cities: USA   MILE 215
Groups, Teams and Their Dynamics   PSYC 110
Health and Society   SOCI 226
History of Indigenous Canadian Relations   IKN 031
History of War   HIST 217
IGS Community & Industry Engagement   IGS 001
Imagining the City   SOCI 249
Indigenous Cultural Values: Behaviour and Identity   IKN 101
Indigenous Family and Community   IKN 200
Indigenous Perspectives on Music, Film and Media   CULT 120
Interpersonal Communications (Online)   COM 131
Interview Skills Workshop: ESL   ESOL 010
Introduction to Intercultural Communication   COM 102
Introduction to Language   TSOL 112
Introduction to Politics   POLS 150
Introduction to Spoken Language Interpreting   LITC 101
Issues in Crime   SOCI 236
Italy: Art and Architecture   MILE 210
Justice, Equality and Rights   POLS 224
Justice: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Law   PHIL 222
Law and Society   HIST 240
Leadership   SOCI 247
Managing a Diverse Learning Environment   EDUC 101
Math for Moms and Dads (How to Tutor Your Children)   EDUC 010
Morality, Democracy and Politics   POLS 206
News: Constructed and Consumed   CULT 220
Organizational Business Communication   COM 127
Original People: Culture, Knowledge and Worldview   IKN 100
Origins of Life   SCIE 216
Pedagogical Grammar   TSOL 113
People, Money and Markets   ECON 204
Personality and its Assessment: Who am I? (And how do I know?)   PSYC 245
Philosophy of Love and Sex   PHIL 225
Philosophy: A History of Ideas   PHIL 120
Physics   PHYS 020
Political Geography   GEOG 212
Politics in an Apocalyptic World: Zombies, Aliens, and Killer Viruses   POLS 220
Popular Culture: Shaping How We Live   CULT 228
Population and Social Change   SOCI 218
Practicum   TSOL 115
Print and Online Design   TWRT 202
Professional English as a Second Language 4   ENG 184
Professional English as a Second Language 5   ENG 185
Professional English as a Second Language 6   ENG 186
Professional French 4   FREN 184
Professional French 5   FREN 185
Professional French 6   FREN 186
Professional Spanish 4   SPAN 184
Professional Spanish 5   SPAN 185
Professional Spanish 6   SPAN 186
Psychology: Abnormal   PSYC 230
Psychology: Developmental   PSYC 210
Psychology: Introduction   PSYC 150
Quality and Production   TWRT 203
Real Life Economics   ECON 150
Report and Proposal Writing   COM 123
Rethinking Animals   HUMA 240
Science Behind the Headlines   SCIE 218
Science Fiction and Philosophy   PHIL 250
Sexual Diversity: Contemporary Social Issues   SOCI 277
Sight Translation   LITC 103
Sign Language 1   ASL 101
Sign Language 2   ASL 102
Social Entrepreneurship: Profit, People and the Planet   SOCI 207
Society and Conflict   SOCI 234
Sociology of Cultural Difference   SOCI 233
Sociology of Emotions   SOCI 246
Sociology of Food   SOCI 238
Sociology of the Everyday Life   SOCI 211
Sociology of the Family   SOCI 240
Sociology: Introduction   SOCI 150
Sport and Society   SOCI 219
Success: Philosophical Perspectives   PHIL 228
Teaching Children in ESL/EFL Classes   TSOL 010
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Methodology   TSOL 111
Technical Editing   TWRT 206
Technical Reading and Writing Skills   WRIT 120
Technical Workplace Writing Skills   WRIT 220
Technical Writing: Introduction   TWRT 201
Technology, Values, and Science   PHIL 235
The Arts and the 21st Century Imagination: Longing for Paradise   HUMA 226
The Body: Beauty, Sex and Consumerism   CULT 245
The Environment   SCIE 221
The ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) Classroom   TSOL 114
The History of Money   ECON 206
The Legalization of Cannabis in Canada   EDUC 102
The Love of Wisdom: An Introduction to Philosophy   PHIL 150
The Science of Everything   SCIE 150
The Science of Superheroes   SCIE 250
The Sociology of Fashion   SOCI 237
The World of Myths and Legends   HUMA 260
Understanding Diversity: The World in Canada   CULT 229
Vampires in Film and Literature   HUMA 242
Vietnam Study Abroad: Hanoi & Ho Chi Min City   MILE 220
Violence, Order and Justice: An Introduction to Political Philosophy   PHIL 229
War and Terrorism   POLS 223
Water: A Life or Death Issue   SCIE 209
Women and Popular Culture   CULT 248
Women and Religious Traditions   HUMA 230
Workplace Writing Skills   WRIT 200
World Philosophy   PHIL 226
World Religions: Western and Eastern Traditions   HUMA 235
Writing for Publication 1   COM 134
Writing for Publication 2   COM 135
Writing for the Web   COM 130