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Continuous Professional Learning offers students a wide range of language courses and certificates, both in-class and online. We provide classes in six different languages, (American Sign Language, French, Spanish, Chinese and ESL) as well as training in Intrepreting, Translation and TESL.

Language skills are a powerful work and business tool, as well as a means of gaining access to other cultures. Our in-class language courses are conversation based, enjoyable, rich in cultural content, and provide students with an active learning environment.

Students have the option of taking language courses in-class or online, in both everyday and professional programs. This allows students the flexibility to plan their studies around busy schedules. Students can begin at any level based on their previous experience with the language, rather than having to start as a beginner. All students will be assessed in the first class to ensure proper placement.

Online Program Highlights include:

  • Lessons provided in partnership with Rosetta Stone Advantage/Tell Me More, including pronunciation practice software
  • Individualized language support from your professor
  • Access to a variety of supplementary web-based language learning resources
  • Online quizzes to test your knowledge and allow your professor to evaluate your progress
  • Discussion boards to practice writing with your instructor and classmates 
  • Virtual office hours with your professor, hosted in our Virtual Classroom
  • Conversation clubs for language practice with your classmates, hosted in our Virtual Classroom
  • Final written and oral exams online 

Language Certificates

English (ESL)

Click here for an introduction video of our online language courses.


Click here for an introduction video of our online language courses.


Click here for an introduction video of our online language courses.

Other Language Courses

American Sign Language (ASL)

For those students wishing to continue their ASL studies beyond Level 2 at Humber, please contact our partner, The Bob Rumball Canadian Centre of Excellence for the Deaf.

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ASL Workshop

  • Communicating with the Deaf in Emergency Situations (First Contact)


Advanced French 

  • French for Professional Communication 1
  • French for Professional Communication 2
  • French for Professional Communication 3

Please note: Language courses do not qualify as General Education courses.

For further information, please contact one of our Continuous Professional Learning staff at 416.675.6622, ext. 74122/74086 or

To register for CE courses, visit the website or call 416-675-5005.

Online Testimonials

The lessons are an excellent learning tool, because they use sight, writing, speaking, exercises and games, so every sense is challenged and you don't get bored. I enhanced different parts of my language skills, such as grammar, speech, reading and listening. In the Virtual Classroom, learners can talk to the teacher/instructor and to each other. The instructor is very personal and adjusts to your skill level. The Virtual Classroom allows learners to attend sessions from anywhere in the world. Overall, I enjoy learning with this program and would definitely recommend it! -- Marion

The online languages course is convenient, flexible and easy to access at my own pace. The lessons are great for learning a second language. I can complete lessons during my lunch time, before I go to bed or on the weekends. If I have any questions, I send messages to the instructor, who responds quickly. The Virtual Classroom is helpful for practicing conversation, so I use it every chance I get. --Joanne H.

This online language course is the best I have ever found. The lessons are finally helping me to gain confidence in spoken French. I can easily learn how to carry out a conversation, and how to pronounce words clearly and accurately. In a short time, I have become familiar with a lot of vocabulary. Grammar is explained very clearly, and the exercises can be repeated as many times as I want. I find a lot of words and sentences stick in my mind once I finish a lesson. Since this is an online course, I can learn at my own pace and master the language, which I am determined to do. -- A. Darshani