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Mathematics are important in everyday life, as well as in the workplace. Employers expect college graduates to have good basic math skills. The Mathematics Department at Humber provides a wide variety of courses, ranging from numeracy to applied calculus and statistics, for the many vocational programs at the college. Students' success in many program areas, and subsequently in the workforce, is dependent on their ability to apply a range of math skills to solve problems. College graduates in programs such as business, accounting, computer programming, electronics and mechanical engineering, to name a few, need to acquire advanced math skills in order to meet the demands of their professions. 

Humber's mathematics courses have been designed and organized to provide the knowledge and skills needed in specific program areas. Courses are grouped into three categories: business mathematics, technical mathematics, and university preparation mathematics. Courses are structured to provide sequential skill development to help students to achieve their goals.

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Business and Technical Math Courses

BMTH 010 Essentials of Business Math
BMTH 160 Mathematics for Data Management

BMTH 100 Business Mathematics
BMTH 120 Mathematics of Finance

BSTA 200 Business Statistics
BSTA 320 Quantitative Methods
BSTA 325 Quantitative Methods for Accounting

CALC 103 Introduction to Calculus
CALC 203 Applied Calculus
TMTH 010 Essentials of Technical Mathematics
TMTH 135 Math 1
TMTH 235 Math 2