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Writing for Professionals

Certificate of Accomplishment | WP911

Program Overview

The online Writing for Professionals certificate program will provide you with exposure to different aspects of professional writing from report writing, writing for the web, to technical writing and preparing for publication. The more creative, engaging, and knowledgeable the writer is, the more successful the work being produced will be.

Professional writers also need to have excellent grammar, spelling and the ability to write in a variety of contexts. Upon completion of this online certificate, you will have a foundation in professional writing to apply to your present job, a new career or furthering your education in the field of writing.

The courses in this certificate are entirely online and delivered by Humber College and OntarioLearn.

Additional Information

The following courses in the Writing for Professionals Certificate transfer to these other Continuous Professional Learning Certificates:

TWRT 201 - Technical Writing: Introduction can be transferred to our Technical Writing Certificate.

COM 123 - Report and Proposal Writing and COM 129 - Grammar and Style for Professional and Workplace Writing can be transferred to our Business Communication Certificate.

Humber College also offers a full-time Ontario Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing and Communications for those students interested in furthering their studies in this field and who meet the admission requirements.

Registration and Graduation

When you have completed the required courses in the certificate program, please contact with your name, student number and the name of the program in order to receive your certificate.


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Course Name 2023/2024 Academic Year 2024/2025 Academic Year 2025/2026 Academic Year
Compulsory Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
COM 123: Report and Proposal Writing
COM 129: Grammar and Style for Professional and Workplace Writing
COM 130: Writing for the Web
COM 134: Writing for Publication 1
COM 135: Writing for Publication 2
TWRT 201: Technical Writing: Introduction

Compulsory Courses

COM 123 Report and Proposal Writing
Clear, well-planned and crafted reports and proposals get better results. In many ways, they also communicate the strengths of the enterprise, not only in the words chosen, but the very structure and organization of the document. Whether you are trying to respond to a business opportunity, communicate progress on an important project or share your ideas with others, the structure, style and expression of your report or proposal can be a major factor in achieving your goals. Report and Proposal Writing is designed to provide individuals with the skills they need to improve the planning, structuring and formatting of formal and informal reports and proposals.


COM 129 Grammar and Style for Professional and Workplace Writing
Grammar and Style for Professional and Workplace Writing provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge of the editing and proofreading process, as well as a variety of writing styles. Students will begin by learning how to recognize and correct errors in accordance with accepted Canadian standards. Then, students will apply this knowledge while proofreading and editing their own, and others', writing. Students will analyze the styles used in examples of business, academic and narrative writing, in order to understand when and how to use each style. As part of this unit, students will also learn how writing differs according to platform (ie. the web versus print), purpose, and audience. As students work to produce stylistically and grammatically correct writing, they will be given opportunities to work in collaboration with their peers, which reflects the experience of working as part of a writing or editing team to help produce acceptable manuscripts and professional documents. Potential editors and writers, working professionals and students will benefit from the practical writing, editing and teaming skills they will learn in this course.


COM 130 Writing for the Web
Using a practical, hands-on approach, this course takes you inside the fast-moving world of writing for the internet while looking at a range of work assignments and working environments. The lectures and assignments examine specific issues and skills such as writing for emphasis and visual impact, the basics of search-engine-optimized (SEO) writing, sourcing images and video and simple techniques for incorporating them with text. You will examine the various styles and requirements involved in writing for blogs, online magazines, commercial websites and other text-based models, including social media. The curriculum has a real-world focus and you will both participate in and create your own blogs. Each type of writing assignment studied will include a look at work opportunities in terms of what is typically available and how to find those opportunities.


COM 134 Writing for Publication 1
The general objective of this course is to introduce students to creative writing and the publishing process. Students will follow the various steps of manuscript preparation, including conferencing, editing and proofreading. Students will examine the writer's craft using a wide range of professional works as models.


COM 135 Writing for Publication 2
This course focuses on the publishing process with emphasis on the Canadian magazine trade. Students will be encouraged to develop their ideas into acceptable compositions and to approach suitable publishers for their work.


TWRT 201 Technical Writing: Introduction
This course provides the fundamental tools required to be a technical writer. You will develop and use the various tools that a technical writer uses on the job, such as an audience analysis and a task matrix. Learn effective interview techniques that assist you in information gathering and also how to write well-constructed procedures that conform to industry standards.


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