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English Placement Test

Once admitted to a full-time program,* students are required to complete the English Placement Test (EPT) - a one-hour writing sample - for placement in their appropriate level English course.

We have prepared the following English Placement Test Study Guide to help you prepare for the placement test.

On the basis of the results of this test, some students may be required to take a developmental (WRIT 050 or ESOL 050) writing course before they are permitted to take their first-semester English course.

If the English Placement Test is done on a computer, students are asked to identify whether or not they prefer an English as a Second Language (ESL) version of their required WRIT course. If students select this option, they will receive an ESL test score and will register for ESOL courses instead of WRIT courses. Please note that ESOL courses are equivalent to WRIT courses. The difference is that ESOL courses provide extra language support for ESL students. Only those students who have a first language other than English are permitted to register for ESOL classes.

If the English Placement Test is handwritten, the assessor of the test will recommend whether or not the student should take ESOL instead of WRIT. Students are encouraged to follow the recommendation of the assessor when it comes to deciding between ESOL and WRIT, but the students are the ones who ultimately decide.  

*To view the admission requirements for any Humber full-time program, please visit