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Humber’s International Continuous Professional Learning provides opportunities to gain highly regarded qualifications through a variety of flexible learning modalities through which students, professionals and educators build the skills they need to advance their careers in complex emerging workplaces.
Our courses are designed to be interactive and innovative and deliver new and diverse perspectives which enable learners to strive for personal, professional and academic excellence.  

Watch the video to learn how the twelve teams of students from Humber and international partner institutions discussed Sustainable development.

Humber Global Think Tank for our Thriving Planet

Last December, the Humber Centre for Education, Language and Professional Practice team embarked on a virtual mini-series of roundtable discussions that enable students around the world to practice their English in real-world situations, nurture critical thinking and problem solving, develop intercultural competencies and boost their transferrable skills that are universally essential in studies, work, and life. This is a snapshot of an innovative approach that CELPP pursues in our English training. Our project-based learning approach nurtures learners’ fluency in the essential skills of teamwork, problem modeling and solving, system thinking, and a sustainability mindset. Let’s hear our story!

International Continuous Professional Learning Viewbook

For Students and Professionals

Developed in response to industry feedback, our short courses for students and professionals focus on transferable skill-building to enable your success in your profession, studies, and life.

Summer Language Program (SLP)

Learning English with an engaging and immersive Canadian cultural experience and discovery of Ontario attractions with international and Canadian peers.

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Online English as a Second Language

An online English course with rich multimedia lessons and wide variety of real-world communication situations

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Online English as a Second Language Project-Based Learning

The ESL with Project-based learning course integrates learning English with experiential learning to boost learners’ transferable skills for career readiness.

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Digital Fluency for Professionals and Instructors

Learning core digital fluency skills necessary to thrive in the workplace across fields.

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For Educators

Our professional development education offers a suite of online and in-person training designed to support educators to gain insights into tools, techniques and strategies to upgrade your teaching and communication skills, design engaging learning experiences, incorporate innovative technologies into courses and build supportive communities of learners in all types of learning environments.


An intensive professional development program for English teachers to improve their teaching and English skills.

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Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

An interactive and self-directed learning to update and upgrade skills in teaching subject-matter content in English and technology-enabled teaching and learning.

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Design for Learning (D4L)

A customized intensive professional development program to boost up skills in incorporating digital technologies into teaching and knowledge building.

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International Teaching Effectiveness Certificate (ITEC)

An innovative course that supports skill development in critical reflection, innovative digital tools, and the creation of impactful learning experiences. 

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Teaching in a Digital World

An innovative course that emphasizes essential online teaching competencies and engage participants as a learner, facilitator, and beginner developer.

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Inclusive Curricular Design Certificate

An introduction of the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework which leads to the creation of robust and accessible learning experiences for all students.

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Culturally Inclusive Educator Certificate

An introduction to strategies and techniques to enrich learning experience for a diverse audience.

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Professional Development Workshops

Designed to emphasize the skills that set learners apart in the workplace, our professional development workshops promote practical learning and provide you with rapid skills development to support your career development and practice. Sometimes it just takes a refresher in conflict resolution strategies or negotiation tactics to make all the difference to your productivity and efficiency.

Workshop Mini-Series

An introduction of new approaches and practices to prepare current and future professionals and leaders for success.

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Independent Workshops

An introduction of innovative tools and strategies to support professionals to thrive and shine in their roles and creating a high-achieving, collegial workplace.

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For Institutions

Our team will collaborate with your institution in different areas: the delivery of a tailored professional development plan for your teachers, English language or transferrable skills training programs for your students, and curriculum design and consultation. We work with you to customize programs upon your unique needs, challenges and vision or we can adapt our existing programming to suit your learning goals.

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Professional Development for Groups and Teams

Our team can collaborate with your institution to adapt our existing programs or tailor learning experiences directly linked to your students and/or faculty unique need and learning goals. Program could be delivered through a variety of virtual, hybrid, and in-person formats at the most convenient time and location for you.

We have been proudly supporting professional development and English training for faculty and students from a wide variety of institutions such as in Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Mexico and Colombia.

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Curriculum Services and Consultation

Whether you want to redesign your program or improve a specific course, we provide a wide range of consultation services that help you build great student-centred learning experience supporting development of global citizens who embody the knowledge, mindsets and skills to lead and innovate.

Need More Information?

For more information on any of these professional learning opportunities contact Kimmy Do, Manager, Global Initiatives and Partnership Development at