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Language Interpreter Training Certificate 

The Interpreting program is designed to educate students who wish to develop professional interpreting skills to prepare for a career that serves our ever expanding diverse population. Courses teach students to provide accurate, culturally-competent interpretation in a variety of settings. Coursework includes consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, sight translation translation techniques, standards of practice and codes of ethics.

By exposing you to relevant situations, you will have the opportunity to apply your skills and consolidate your knowledge, thereby demonstrating your abilities to effectively provide introductory level interpreting services.

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French Translation in the Workplace Certificate

The Online French Translation in the Workplace Certificate was created for people who seek to gain knowledge of English to French translation. Each course will help give you a better understanding of the English to French translation process necessary in becoming a professional translator. You will explore areas of study that are essential to work as a translator. This certificate will also help students increase their competence and confidence in working with both languages. All required courses in this certificate are completed online. It is recommended if you are working towards this certificate that you have an advanced level of French knowledge, especially in written French.

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