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EAP Levels

What do I need to know?

This interactive document will help you think about what English you know and what you will learn in each of our eight EAP levels. Use this to start thinking about your English before you come and be ready to learn! Download our EAP level descriptors and reflective progress file.

What are the benefits?

Read more about the key features of the EAP Program and the benefits of studying English at Humber.

Key features of the program

  • 8 levels from beginner to advanced. 22 hours of language learning each week
  • Methodology that integrates all the skills (read, write, listen, speak) with special emphasis on writing for academic and professional contexts
  • Earn 3 Liberal Studies credits in our EAP level 8 course towards your degree or diploma program
  • Integrated and cutting-edge e-learning withy iPads and other software that supports what you study in the language classroom and prepares you for your Academic program
  • Aligned to internationally recognised standards of language ability (CEFR)
  • Accredited by Languages Canada

Benefits of studying English at Humber

  • Humber’s own online EAP Pre-placement means you can plan exactly when you need to start and finish your EAP course to enter your program
  • Direct pathway for EAP level 8 students into Humber Academic Programs.
  • 92% of students in EAP graduate and enter directly into Humber’s Academic Programs without the need for a further exams like IELTS or TOEFL
  • Graduates are ready to use English confidently and accurately in their future academic and professional lives. It’s more rigorous than the ‘everyday’ English learnt in many schools
  • Individual support from experienced  teachers in Humber’s Writing Centre
  • Consultation on your future academic program with Humber’s International Centre
  • Become familiar with campus life and Humber’s administration routines. This reduces ‘culture shock’ and helps you settle in to life in Toronto
  • Make friends and meet fellow students, both Canadian and International who you will study with after you graduate EAP
  • Access to all Humber’s Campus facilities including: Library resources, Gym, Counselling resources, Academic support resources

How do I apply to Humber?

Make an application for an academic program and take our placement test.